Coming Out: Cooper, Ocean, Rapinoe

Within a week three figures who are celebrities or at least public figures have come out as gay: Anderson Cooper of CNN, Frank Ocean, hip hop artist; and Megan Rapinoeof the US Women’s Soccer team. While all three have received somewhat extensive coverage, especially Cooper, it is refreshing to see that there has not been the need for over the top reaction either positive or negative.  The other element I note is how radically different the three individuals are and how different their fields of performance are.  The question is which individuals fans will have the greatest difficulty accepting the news and which will be the most welcoming. One would think that how one’s talent or skills are assessed as a reporter, musician, or athlete would involve one’s sexual orientation, yet one can never be sure.  In fact, the mere existence of this post shows that in some way there is an issue worth noting here.

Anderson Cooper


Megan Rapinoe


Frank Ocean

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