Take this Test: What Class is Your Living Room?

Years ago Paul Fussell published his “Living Room Scale,” a way to evaluate one’s living room, and by its contents determine one’s standing in the American class system.  Here is a link to a slightly modernized version. I took the test, and our living room scores in the “middle class range.”  We lose points for having family pictures not in sterling silver frames but gain points for a potted palm.

Not our living room.

The test does imply that one has a living room, a kind of showcase room in which one does not actually conduct the business of living.  Hence, the presence of a TV, stereo, or computer loses points.

I wish there was a way the test distinguished between having books on display and having books on display that one has actually read.  I do admit that is a bit of English teacher snobbery though.  As time moves on,  I wonder how this test might be modified.  For example, should point values be changed for magazines as publishing declines?  Will having actual copies of magazines reflect a greater level of wealth when they grew rare?

One comment on “Take this Test: What Class is Your Living Room?

  1. Pam says:

    I took this test in the den, then realized I should have taken it in the living room. Oops! In the den we were low class. In the living room we were middle class.

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